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Mobo Sata broke

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I just had to reinstall my hard drive sata cable when the inside connector broke off in my sata cable. Can I just superglue or epoxy the new cable to the connector on my mobo?
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I've never really tried but it's just plastic, you should be able too. Is this on the cable or on the motherboard port?
the middle part on the motherboard port is stuck into the sata cable.

Originally Posted by vamputin View Post
the middle part on the motherboard port is stuck into the sata cable.
uh oh.

i had something like that happened to me. only it was the sata connector on the drive. it worked for a while but eventually the drive connection failed and i lost all usable function of the drive. my suggestion is to just use a different port and save yourself some headache.
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I would love to do that. But, my new XFX 4830 covers 4 of the 6 ports. I have an idea about a new motherboard but wife said no LOL.
Any other ideas? How bout glue from a hotgun, used for crafts and such? I was able to just stick the cable in and it stayed in and worked for about 2 hrs. I think I just need something to keep it stuck in there. I just dont want to use anything that could be bad for it.
Had this happen to me last week. I just plugged it back in and used a WHOLE lot of tape to hold it in place....
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