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Mobo Temps Help!!!

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I have a Asus a8n sli premium, the one with the heat pipe, my mobo temps are 44c but my 3700+ sandy is at 32c idle and 36c-37c full load is there anything i can do to get my mobo temps down if thats even a problem, thanks
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I also notice you have 1 fan on exhaust out of all the other fans in your case.

Switch that up so you have 1 intake fan and 3 exhaust fans. That should actually lower your temps quite a bit. It's great that you are pumping cold air into your case, but if it can't escape fast enough, you are doing nothing but heating up the new air coming into the case FASTER than if you were letting the hot air out.

The case can always pull more air in based on pressure differences, so letting the hot air out faster w/ more exhaust than intake will increase airflow and inevitably lower your case temps.

Try it?
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