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Modding my 1200 [Any Ideas?]

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I've been looking for something that I can do that makes my case unique.

I haven't seen much work with the 1200, but I'm wondering if anyone has modded a 1200 or has any ideas.
I have basic tools, drill, saw, soldering iron, and I can get my hands on a dremel.

I was thinking some sort of LED action, I've always loved LED's.
Possibly flipping the HDD's around (wiring on the front).
Also, there are some rivets that are at the rear/bottom of the case that are not the same color as the black case (which bothers me). Maybe replacing the rivets?
I've been looking to do some simple acrylic stuff also, to get used to working with the material (Eventually I want a (from scratch) acrylic case), so maybe a new side window, and maybe some feet/base for the case. To help me start working with Acrylic.
Probably also some cable/cable management mods (I have a modular power supply, but some of the cables are still to long, plus I want to do those inline SATA power connectors (I think they're called crimp connectors).

If anyone has modded a 1200, please post up some pictures so I can get some ideas.
I'm just trying to get some ideas so I can start planning this stuff out :]
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Don't do anything to it. It's better than the 902 and 900 unless you wanna make it water cooled custom but i don't see any need to mod it. Check other threads,there are plenty of mods for this case. If you're getting a psu, i recommend getting a psu that blows air in front not top of the psu, i don't like it because it causes heat. My power supply blows air from the front to the back instead of the top ventilation like the other power supply, it blows better air for me. It's different for everyone i guess.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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