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Modding the Tt Level 10 case - Questions

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Hi guys, I'm going to build my third WC machine and posting here for the first time.

Here is the case I decided upon:

The Thermaltake Level 10 all aluminum tower

My last one was the Tt Tsunami Dream tower, a BEAUTIFUL and classy case but it's discontinued so I have to look elsewhere now.
I have good experience with Tt and so I decided to get the Level 10 case for this build. Sure does look racy, doesn't it?

But there are two things I don't like about the Level 10:

- The front panel Sata connections are 4x USB 2. But new boards have USB 3. USB 3 didn't exist when I built my last one so I don't know what's involved. So how complicated would it be to change those front ports from USB 2 to USB 3?

- There is no side window on the Level 10 and I love to see inside my rig and show it off to people. So I will have to cut a hole on that Mobo box and install a window. What kind of glass material should I use for a clear window?

- Well, there are really 3 things I don't like about that case: in spite of the huge size of that case, there is no room for an extended ATX mobo. Any suggestions on how that could be worked around? I think I'll have to deal with a regular ATX mobo.

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As far as the window you can use 1/8" acrylic. It comes in many colors, its readily avaiable from hardware stores and is easy to work with. You can also do things like this.

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Kewl window! If I get a window I will look into doing something like that.
Yeah and in metric 3mm is standard. It's approximately the same. If you want small portions it's pretty cheap $20-40 at most hardware stores. If you want to buy bulk go to a Plastics manufacturer. As an example: Yes this is a direct quote, it sounds dumb and it is, but it's just the way the world works.
2400mm * 1200mm sheet. That's 6' * 3'. Now lets say I want to make 32 sheets out of that at 300*300mm each.

1x 2400*1200mm 3mm sheet = $93.00
Now if they cut it up for me:
32x 300*300mm 3mm sheet = $25 each. That's 32 sheets * $25 = $800.

Go figure... Cutting acrylic is simple with a guide and jigsaw.
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