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Mode not supported - Ps2 to samsung T220HD via component cable

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Hi, so i connect my ps2 to my samsung T220HD through a component cable but i get "mode not supported" (no game is inside the ps2). I cant even get to system configuration. So i hook it up to an old normal television to change settings, thought it might still be set on "RGB" in the system configuration, but it wasnt, it was set on YPbPr cbr or whatever, the 5 cable setup. I tried changing the size 16:9, 4:3 and so on but no luck. Many people are playing ps2 on the T220HD, what am i doing wrong? I have a superslim ps2, thanks.
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You need that VGA box or whatever you call it. This is a common problem. People just use a VGA/DVI to component cable but this won't work. I believe the ps2 sends a signal that runs at 75/85hz which is not supported by your monitor. I might be wrong

BTW, welcome to OCN.
hmmm, i tried recently again, i figured maybe if it loads the game it will display something. It did but only with new games, the monitor doesnt seem to support old games but only the new ones, why?
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