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Modern warfare 2 NAT strict

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My NAT is strict but i had solved it 4 days ago by opening some ports but this only worked for 1 day. At the moment i tried too open my upnp but the problem still exist

Norton firewall is off and when i check the ports using a port test tool it shows that they are open

I opened all the ports that i could find on internet lol
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If you router supports UPNP then as long as it is turned on you shouldn't have too many problems as the router will detect the traffic and let it through.

Try going to join a game then come back out. This might wake it up a bit.
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Did you click SAVE on router? Give it a unplug, then replug it.
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Very strange so i tried too open upnp again and the nat is open now lol. Like you guys said maybe it tooks a while till it detects upnp

Thanks guys
Glad to be of service :)

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Glad to be of service :)
Hehe thanks again!

I got another question when i join a server i cant move sometimes. Its like a big lag but the pings are fine and im the only 1 that has that problem
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Ive had this problem as well. If everyone (including you) has decent pings, its probably something to do with the server not able to process everyone's positions and activity or your rig does not like you playing online.
Or probably not because it's not a Pentium 2 server.
I had a similar problem where it says my NAT is strict for a while. It doesn't seem to affect the game in any way though and it usually goes away after a while without changing anything. Weird.
I have this. I just go to cmd then type the following:
Then when I go back into MW2 MP the nat has changed from stricked to open.
If IWNet is anything like Xbox Live's NAT ...detector (right word?)... when you use upnp its best to just use DHCP instead of a static IP. With a static IP I'd always get strict but after turning it off it said open. Made no sense but I've been going along with it for quite awhile now and I've never seen it go back to strict.

The results will vary, yes, however that usually fixes it for people with moderate-strict NAT even though it's set up perfectly.
It got back too strict again. I cant join most of the games it sux

Ipconfig renew doesnt work in cmd because it says that it cant find any network too renew it
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