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Having recently bought a genuine CoolerMaster Stacker 810 at an auction site, I find myself in need of advice. The case is, at least to me, an evergreen, but I'd want to expand its potential a bit. I'm considering the feasibility of the following modifications:

  • removing the original I/O ports panel to increase the number of available 5.25 bays to 12, and moving the entire I/O area to the top of the case, while simultaneously upgrading the USB ports to modern standards,
  • increasing the amount of available fan mounts, possibly with water cooling in mind - while right now I don't feel adventurous enough, better airflow never hurt anybody,
  • making provisions for cable management by cutting cable pass through holes into the motherboard tray, adding tie downs and building a PSU shroud, also to accommodate additional mounting poins for 2.5 inch drives.
These are three most obvious things that I've been thinking of, but I'd be grateful for any other suggestions. I'm not exactly an accomplished modder, in fact I'm a complete newbie, but I come from a scale modeling background, so I know how to hold a Dremel, and in case of major problems, I have a CNC workshop nearby for odd jobs such as making a new motherboard tray or backplate. I have seen what lowfat has done to his Stacker (not to mention his Lian Li), and while I'm far beneath him in terms of skill, I'd want to at least try making a case I'll be able to keep for a long time, perhaps even the last case I'll ever need. Plus, the thing cost me somewhere near 50 bucks, so even should I write the experiment off, it won't be too much of a pain.

Anyway, here's my crazy idea. Feel free to shoot it to pieces.
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