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Moding + lapping waste of time?

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Both my CPU and my TRUE are Lapped

Well I lapped my TRUE cooler when I first got it. It was mostly flat, but I put a mirror finish on it.

Temps with q6600 GO @3.6 with 1.4v was 70 degrees on full load. Seems very high to me. I tried two different quality thermal paste and mounted several times with different amounts of paste and methods (same results within a degree).

Read about a mod with the TRUE to use a washer to put more pressure on the CPU and keep it from slipping around in circles. Plus I figured as long as I got everything apart I might as well lap the processor.

So after the washer mod and lapping the CPU my temps are exactly the same at load and worse on Idle.


Oh yeah the true still spins not alot but definetly not stationary.
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you need a thicker waher
maybe you didn't reseat right after you did all this modding

or maybe you haven't let the new thermal paste settle in yet
how perfect did you do your lapping job? A mirror finish does NOT mean a flat surface. get yourself some lined writing paper, and put the heatink up to it and see just how straight and flat you lapped your heatsink. ideally, the lines in the reflection should be a perfect match to the paper, without any warping at all. also, to REALLY benefit from lapping the heatsink, you really should lap the cpu as well
That paper idea was good. I generally just use a razor blade to see if there is any light showing trough for inconsistancies. but even with the paper it is almost perfect. at least I cant see any bent lines. I think something is broken.
I don't think anything is broken, I thin you need to lap your CPU before you actually see any differences. it took me 4-5 HOURS to lap my athlon64 3200 to the point I was satisfied. it was extremely concaved. and even after I finished it wasn't quite perfect. the edges were slightly beveled, but that didn't hurt performance. I think I actually dropped a good 5c on my load temps.
if you have a great lap job, then you may have put to much thermal grease on it. the better the lapping job the less you need. you always will need some, but it is only to fill the small holes. If you flattened it to the point where there are reduced holes you don't need the same amount of grease, it will end up hurting your temps. it is a fine line for the best temps. i suggest re-seating it and testing different washers sizes and amounts of thermal grease.
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Am I looking at the right temp. I always use core temp for my temperatures across the board. However, I found another post on another forum that says cpu temp under 70c and core temp under 100c

what you think

Link to forum with above info


Oh to Nenkitsune both CPU & Cooler are lapped
100c is it's shut off point.

Depending on how flat your CPU is, a lapped cooler could actually makes temps worse.

You would have to lap your CPU to actually see a difference.

Thermalright's reason as to why there bases aren't flat was to contour to the CPU.
Didn't some other guy have a problem like this and in the end everyone figured out that it was because the TRUE was touching the lever that pins down the CPU holding bracket, he took off that lever and it was a huge difference.
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