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Mom wants a HTPC

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Hey guys i've built quite a few computers now but dont quite understand this type of build. Here is basically what i'm wanting to do.

Create a HTPC that can stream all my movies, videos, pictures, and mp3's throughout the house flawlessly. We currently only have 2 computers not including this build.

Current parts i have are a Celeron D 2.8ghz and some DDR2 ram.


Also I prefer it to be fairly small and run off remote control. Thanks
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Tivo HD will also do exactly what you're looking for as well as record in HD. Sometimes you can find it for less than the current Amazon price ($261). It will also play Netflix downloads and Youtube videos too. Of all the media center software I've seen, they have the best usability.


And with the Tivo Desktop software you can move shows between PCs and other Tivos on your home network. It also allows for MP3 and photo streaming so you can do slideshows too. http://www.tivo.com/buytivo/tivogear...are/index.html

I do all of this on an 802.11g wireless network without any hiccups.

I looooooove my Tivo!
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