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Monitor Display Problem

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Sorry if this has been asked before but its really starting to annoy me.

Im using a AG Neovo 19inch non widescreen monitor, Im having this problem where the monitor seems to blur images to the right.

Ive uploaded a screenshot of the problem im having.

Ps. I dont think its a problem with resoloution as Im running at the monitors default and Ive also tried different ones.

Somebody before said something to do with the monitors phase but I tried changing this in the monitors control panel without it making any difference.

Help and advice would be much appreciated

Heres the photo link to the problem


also you before you say its something to do with windows7 I've rolled back to vista and i still have the problem.
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That image is fine here, something is physically wrong with your monitor.

Originally Posted by Crazy9000
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That image is fine here, something is physically wrong with your monitor.

That's what i'm thinking. I see nothing wrong with that image. If you have a decent camera, take a photo and upload it for further diagnosis.
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Ill do that now, thanks
Heres some pics with the camera

http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/f...1/DSCF2059.jpg - on the right you can see its blurred

from what i found, that is a bloody expensive monitor man! I would send it in for warranty, provided you a) have a replacement and b) it is new enough to still be covered. Since the image in your OP was fine, it is a physical problem, I think (I'm not a monitor genius).

You could also try a different cable (DVI/VGA/HDMI etc.)
I just did a search also, but im almost certain its not worth the amount most of those that came up on the search were. Its quite a cheap monitor.
anyone have any idea?
Have you tried adjusting your color settings and whatnot in your VGA controls? I know if my contrast is below 63% I get a really wierd flicker between diff shades of black.
Looks like ghosting. Is it under warranty still? I would start the RMA process soon.
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