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Monitor flickering...

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Hey guys, first of all forgive me if this is a monitor related issue i just think something is wrong with my graphics card.

So, whenever i hit refresh my monitor displays a white line from one side to the other for 1-2 seconds and then dissapears. Btw, i have an onboard graphics card (3 months old).

The computer seems to work fine, but when i hit refresh the above story is repeated.

Any ideas?

Thanks alot.
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Nothing is wrong. When you first start the computer does the same thing happen say a few seconds after desktop shows?

Your problem reminds of the joke.
Doctor when I do this it hurts?
Then don't do it.

I have one idea please answer the first part. It would have to do searching for other monitors. It normally demonstrates as a momentary flickering on start up. I would have to search for the fix if that is it. I want to confirm it might be before I spend time researching.
Nope. when i start the computer it doesnt happen. Only when i refresh thats why its weird.
Sorry if I think of anything I will post back. I think some ghost is in your machine but not thinking GPU bad at this time.
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Well thanks anyway bud, keep me posted if something comes up
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