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I'm (disperately) looking for a new gaming monitor for PC and PS4 and I found after a long search both models: Samsung C27FG73 or Acer XB2701HU.

I know of the difference in regards of the resolution, frequence and panel (VA Full-HD (Quantum Dot) @144Hz vs IPS WQHD @144-165Hz) and I know the pro and contra of both panels.
What I don't know is what the following technical information about "Reaktionsverhalten" and "Latenzzeit", which comes from previous models of both monitors, practically means, for the Samsung seems to be, according to these informations, better on both point than the Acer:

http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/test/20 ... teil8.html http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/test/20 ... teil9.html

http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/test/20 ... sverhalten http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/test/20 ... eil10.html (I would prefer the overdrive setting on "normal")

- Is this observation correct? If so, how can it be if the IPS panel is generally considered to be better for gaming than VA panels?
- What is potentially the concrete difference between the above cited newer monitor models?
- Which monitor would performs better/worse at 60Hz (which for many reasons I generally prioritize for my choice...) and "how much"?
- Can you suggest me a better monitor (in regards to input lag and pixel responsiveness) non-TN, 27inch Full-HD for the PS4?

I would like to find a good compromise between image quality and gaming performance. That's because I'm interested in both monitor. Ideally I would like to have a Full-HD 60 Hz Monitor IPS that performs excellent on gaming for using it also with the PS4.

You can also answer in german if you want

Thank you for your time!

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Yeah gotta say I love my XB270HU. The newer gen is the XB271HU. Not sure where you got XB2701HU lol

There's no such monitor
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