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monitor problems .. :S

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it have been a while since i ere here but now im back
, now to my problem .. i have dual screens but one of those monitor are chaning colour to green sometimes , and its help if i touch the signal cable on the back of the screen , it could help if i hit the monitor to
but i dont do that if it would crash .. but could i do anything about it ? orare the monitor broken ?

please help me .. its very annoing when it just chang colour ..
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If you are touching the cable right on the backside of your monitor, it might be starting to go. See if there is a place where you can retighten the cable where it inserts to the cabinet of the monitor. If not, I'd start looking for a new one if you want to maintain a dual screen setup.
right , so you mean that i should try to find a good spott to have the cable ?
well im gonna try that because when i play music very loud its start to blink between normal colour and green
and thats anoying if i got some homepage up on it and try to read
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