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Monitor stupidity. Help please.

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I should point out that this is my stupidity, not an inanimate peripheral being stupid

I've been offered this monitor at a bargain price. $55.


I know it's not amazing kit - but it is a great price. My monitor broke a while ago and I've been using a super cheap, 15", 1024 x 768 Samsung SyncMaster CX152S.

I first took the side off my PC last year and since then have been on a steep learning curve. However, I'm very stuck!

1) Does a higher resolution monitor use more processing power to run?

2) Would a PC that can run games on high settings with a 1024x768 monitor maybe only manage med settings on a 1680x1050?

3) If higher resolutions require more processing power, does running two monitors require double(ish) the processing power needed?

4) From my system specs, would you guess that it can run the 15" (1024x768) and the 22" (1680x1050) without problems?

5) If my PC can run the two monitors, is it better to plug the smaller monitor into the onboard graphics (and use it for less graphic intensive stuff) and the larger monitor into the GPU?

6) Assuming there are no problems and I can / do run both monitors, is it worth disabling the dual monitor set-up while gaming for optimum performance?

Thanks in advance... I suspect there are some very dumb questions here.
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youll be able to run dual monitors but your gaming performance will suffer. you can switch back to only one when gaming to increase performance

Edit: its easy to switch between profiles. also i would recommend using onboard video with a card
Thanks for the reply.


Originally Posted by da tick 07 View Post
also i would recommend using onboard video with a card
What do you mean? Small monitor to onboard graphics and larger monitor to GPU?
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It takes alot more power to do the same things at higher resolutions (games i mean), not really CPU, mostly GPU. You can have a larger monitor and set it at something lower than the native resolution only for games. Depending on what games your playing your GPU should be fast enough to play them at 1680x1050 (CS, and more simple games like that) I would say disabling dual monitors in gaming would be a good idea.

offtopic, Athlon 7750 -3.2gb? 3.2Ghz maybe what you mean?
Thanks a lot.

Yep, 3.2GHz!
oh no problem, remember: no question is a stupid one (unless it actually is ******ed, but in this case it was legit)
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