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Since I have been using 120hz on my Acer GD235hz for months now, I have also been experiencing troubles with getting my monitor to respond on startup, it being plugged into my ATI 5770. I switched to onboard for a few tries, and it worked flawlessly. Could my graphics card be wearing out because of the 120hz strain?

I have to go through a routine of hitting the power button on my tower, and 1.5 seconds later, then turn on my monitor to get picture. Could my graphics card be going bad? I would assume so, as when I play my games, i'd see splotches of dark colors on textures, as I look around and swipe or move past something.
(Kind of like if you were to spill oil or something as light refracted off of it, you see an array of colors that look unorganized, that's the best way I can describe it.)
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