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Monitor/TV Help

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Well im looking to get another Monitor/TV, as my monitor has a stuck pixel and a blemish.

Preferably 28"+ and 1080P+

Im kinda weary on getting another monitor online in fear of another stuck pixel. So if possible id like to get something in person so i can exchange it out.

Now ive seen a couple options lemme know what u think.

Hanns·G HH-281HPB Black 28" 3ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor $359.99

LG W2753V-PF Black 27" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Full HD 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor $389.95

LG - 32" Class / 1080p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV $439.99

Samsung - 32" Class / 1080p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV $497.99

Very open to suggestions.
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Bump, come on guys. I know you have the knowledge to help me.
I just bought this:


$399.99 32" 1080p

Originally Posted by Modki
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I just bought this:


$399.99 32" 1080p

How do you like it compared to monitors?

Im stuck between that and this:

Hanns-G 28" 1200P mointor for 259.99 with free shipping...

Can i run my monitor now(1920x1080) and the Hanns-G(1920x1200)? Or would there be a problem from the different resolutions.
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Lol, it hasn't arrived yet. But I am using a 32" 720p atm. I have to say that 32" is about right for gaming, and most desks will support one too. It's a lot easier on my eyes than Regular Monitors for sure.

Also great that it doubles as a HDTV sometimes, but for the best quality it's still the video from the PC.
Hmm sounds nice, anyone else got input on the Monitor vs HDTV?
Would i need to worry about input lag? or a higher response time?
24 hour bump rule i know.

But i need some insight before tomorrow morning guys. Help a brother out.
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