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Monitor upgrade from 17" to 21"-24"

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Hello guys, I have an old 1280*1024 17" LCD and was wondering if I upgrade to this:
Sammy 23" 1080p $150
Sceptre 21.5" 1080p - $120

And is the extra 1.5" worth the $30? I am short on cash as Im getting a Home Theater and PS3 this black friday too(I already have a 52" TV, this will be for sig rig)
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They're both the same resolution and panel type, so just get the Sceptre and save that money; sounds like you're gonna need it.
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Spectre? I've never heard of them, but if you guys say they are good, and the reviews seem to show this as well, but, do you think i will miss the 1.5"?
Same resolution, so you most likely won't.
Alright then. Spectre, my first HD MONITOR here I come!
Guys I purchased the Samsung, got it for $140
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The link you included is actually an ACER 23inch and not a samsung.. Just thought I should let you know. I also purchased it for 140
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