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Monitors for $200 max

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I'm looking to stimulate the economy by bargain hunting, because I'm poor due to the economy.

Anyone wanna recommend me a monitor for under $200? I'm currently on a 17" Optiquest (made by Viewsonic) that has served me well over the years, but I keep finding myself low in desktop space.

I game, write markup, and do some totally not professional image editing.

I'd just go for a 1080p monitor, but my current system specs are a bit lacking and I'm not sure if I wanna jump on that without the great OCN community making recommendations.

So whaddyathink?
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Your card is more than enough to handle a 1080p, i'd say!
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Anyone have the Samsung 2233SW? And how do you like it?
Nevermind, I'm too impatient.

Ordering now. Rep has been evenly distributed, like I hope the monitor's backlight is. >.>


Originally Posted by pootergeek40
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Spend the extra $60 for this

You will love 1920x1200 resolution.

I would if I could afford it, but the lease is up on my apartment soon and I just can't fit the extra in my very tight budget.
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I sure hope so.

How many e-peen inches does this monitor give me?
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