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Hey guys im back i have recently successfully flashed my XFX HD5770 XXX card with the unlocked asus bios and now i had just reflashed back to my original bios and everything looks good but when i try to overclock my card now i get nothing its stuck at 875/1300??? i try riva, msi afterburner, ati tools, and nothing gpu-z shows my card at 985/1380 which its suppose to be at because in the RBE i set all clocks for power play all at 980/1380 so i have no clue whats going on except for maybe its only taking partial the flash of the original XFX RBE modded bios??

Thanks in advance!!!

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First reflash it again with a original BIOS..

Reinstall ATI drivers:

1.deinstall it,

2.boot to safe mode and with Driver sweeper cleen your system

3.Reboot to OS and Install them again..

4.Reboot system

Also reinstall Afterburner..

Make sure that Enable ATI Overdrive is checked (enabled) if you've unlocked that option in CCC..

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