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Originally Posted by Melcar

Aside from the temp. problems I'm experiencing with the Ultra-D (see previous thread "Heat issues with new DFI" I have been experiencing other problems too. While in the BIOS my monitor all of a sudden went black. The fans were still spinning and the LED's on the board were still on, but there was no picture and my keyboard didn't respond. My first impression was an unstable OC, but while in the BIOS? I never experienced that before. I'm using the same components as before (they are in my system specs. below). I have already checked DFI Street to look for compatability issues with any of my stuff but have not found any answer yet. Any other DFI owners out there have any ideas. This is a very good board and would like to keep it, but if problems persist I may take it back to FRY's and get something else

Have you tried clearing the CMOS?
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