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more volts to gpu...

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how do i up the volts to my gpu for better overclock,or should i say can i?
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Voltage Mod... either through software (check EVGA Voltage Tuner) or hardware (check under the VoltMod section).
voltage tuner's dont work on the 285..

There is a link in my sig to Volt modding the 285. Make sure you have a voltage reader, they are about 20$ at radio shack

The main problem I have ran into is cooling, the card does not overheat, but it seems very sensitive to heat and oc. I have gone from the normal 1.16 vGpu to 1.28 and still no gain in OC.

If you have a very poor clocking card it may help, but if you can get over 700 core and 1300 mem already it may not help.

the guys getting gains from it are on water cooling, and I have seen upwards around 800c/1800s/1500m but I am not sure how "stable" that is.

there is also a link in my thread to XS.org where you will find 16 pages of discussion on the topic...

Good luck
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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