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Hola guys,

what you would suggest in 2020 as the most power efficient platform having at least 4 native sata and fake raid controller functionality? I don't need any streaming capability and so on so something with 2 cores - 4 threads would be more than enough....

I need to lower my actual linux nas server power usage aiming to a full passive solution, something near 20w in idle without the hdds/ssds for the storage part....I would like going to ssds but since i need 4tb usage space it's still to costly even if I'll go for 2tb ssds each and using 2+2 in raid 1.....well, we will see....


HP Gen 8 microserver, with your cstates set correctly.

I have a spare one with the caddies at the house with 2 sticks of 8GB DDR3 Non Reg in it. I would sell it to you under Ebay price if you want it.

$320 for OCN member. (They are one of the sought after models and go for $500+ with lower specs, used on ebay.)

The cheapest one on Ebay is 320 right now , near gutted....

I also stuck the fastest CPU in it possible, Xeon E3-1230 v2 (lower TDP step code) So you might want to change that...

but it was like 15 wat or so over recommended TDP spec for server. I just turned off HT to keep it cool running under 100% load.

She hasnt had a problem for me... but i replaced her with a fully loaded R720XD and shes just collecting dust.

Still to this day they are one of the smallest possible Xeon systems you can get that take 4 drives.

They have sas connectors, but only take sata drives unless you replaced the raid controller.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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