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Motherboard at 100C?

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Hi, i installed 3 case fans in my case, one pushing air through the front over the harddrive, one pushing hot air out the back, and one pushing hot air out the side. My Hard drive temp changed, but not my motherboard temp, apparently on everest and speedfan my motherboard is running at 100C... The fans didn't make a difference at all to that temp. Is this safe?
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LOL bad temp gauge on that motherboard. That temp is impossible for a mobo.
Are you sure its not showing in Farenheit?

As far as I understand is that most mobo's should be safe @ a MAX 45C So, if you temp is actually correct.....uh..... DUCK!
Ok thanks, i thought it was a bad sensor, but didn't know for sure.
you prolly want that side fan to be intake not exhaust.... only top and back need to be exhaust....Shadowclock has a pretty awesome air cooling guide in his sig...
Well i put it as exhaust because I don't have a top fan exhaust in my case (need to put one in there.) So if I did that the only exhaust I would have is in the back and from the PSU which is mounted on top. Would that be better?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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