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Motherboard Beeping

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im not having much luck today!

i updated my mobo to the latest version, went into the settings on my bios, and went onto "ram" or something like that, changed one of the settings, cant remember what one it was, but i remember it had options like "auto""200mhz""100mhz" so i thought oooo, and clicked 200
dont ask why, im confused myself! now when i try to load up the pc all i get is BEEEEEEP--BEEEEEEP
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clear your cmos ie remove battery boot pc "not really" replace battery voila. If that dont work just get out your mobo manual and find the clear cmos pins on your mobo and arc the two pins on a reeboot then replace and reeboot like normal.
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so just changing the battery should do it? as ive got rid of the beeping now, i just cant get anything on screen?
Well im not positive but it sounds like you just changed your ram devider i guess. Can you be more specific on what the BIOS says about the settings? If your memory is not pc3200 then it would most likely not run at 200mhz. If it is them maybe you changed something else.
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it is pc3200.... that was the only setting i changed, took the battry out, would any battery that size do?
i did it! i took the battery out, left it a few mins and it re-set it all, you guys just saved me £60!!!! thanks a lot!!
consult the manual for your motherboard for the PROPER clear CMOS procedure...


PDF page 28, manual page english 18...

bottom left

if you don't know where this jumper is, PDF page 7, manual page 3, bottom right, you see that it's on the bottom right edge of the motherboard...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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