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motherboard broke, need help with new computer!

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Hi everyone!!
I am new to this forum and I just joined so this is my first post!! You all seem very helpful to people so I hope I can ask the right questions here. OK well here goes nothing.
So I tried to put new RAM into my computer and it started to smell like an electrical fire... so long story short I need to buy a new one. I am not that into the overclocking(sp?) like some of you but I want a good system. I read some of the other emails on here and I found a good mother board and processor--
--but if you go to that page and click add to cart it goes to the next page where it says... do I need a paste or heatsink or other upgrades on there? I don't know about that!!
Well I need to buy new RAM now (LOL) but I am thinking of just doing the 2GB upgrade from on that site, that way it is set up for me. Is that a good idea or should I buy it elsewhere?
Next thing I need a new video card and from what you all have said I think the PCI-EXPRESS is the one to get, but I want to spend only around $200 for it. Any ideas?
Also I am not sure what my current power supply is but it says ALLIED AL-A400ATX... is that going to be enough? I don't have a lot of money (2 young kids!).
And I am also wondering if I will need to buy a separate sound card or a separate ethernet card? I hope to keep this under 800 dollars if I can! Am I dreaming?? LOL

Ok well my old computer I found out was an ATX, so I have to get that size of a motherboard I guess, I hope that one I posted above will fit, I really like what some of you have said about it.

Whew! Well I really hope you can help me, this seems like a nice group here and I hope to buy my new computer soon, I am on my neighbors!! Thank you very much for your help I look forward to your advice! Sorry I asked so many questions for my first email!!!
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First, welcome! (another fellow Chicagoan!)

Edited*** Yeah, given that it is mostly for email, music and surfing Wowza's setup will do you fine. I was going to say up the video but there really isn't a reason if the games aren't the newest thing and pushing hard.
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