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Motherboard Dream/Nightmare

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I just looked at newegg and the EVGA 780i, EVGA 780i FTW are both 169.99 after rebates. One of the 790i's is 179 with rebates, and the 790i is 169 after rebeates!!!!!!!!

I don't know which one I should get???? Its down to the DDR3 vs DDR2 price battle
. Is 790i Worth it?

I prefer EVGA to match my graphics card, and G.Skill for the memory.

My current build is(havn't paid for anything yet),

8Gb's G.SKill DDR2 cas latency 4
Antec 902
Pc Power and Cooling silencer 610
and hardrives and stuff all for

$1600, the maximum I will go is 1799.

If I get a 790I I can't get the 8gb's of memory I need for Music creation and photshop but I will get possibly better performance in games? Im afriad 8gb's of high latency ddr3 will bump up the price past 1799.


My analysis

780i 169.99

Pros - Great performance, Cheap price, Can step up to a core i7 in 6 months to a year

Cons - Not anything except for no solid state capasitors

780i FTW
169.99 after rebate

Pros - Solid State, 8 Phase Power design.

cons - 60mm Fan needs to be reversed so northbridge and graphics don't get to hot

790i 132-YW-E179-TR - 169.99 or 179.99 with rebate

Pros - Very positive reveiws, Better Performance, DDR3

Cons - DDR3's Price

790i ULTRA - 169.99 with rebate

Pros - none

Cons - Very negative reviews, cheaper than the regular 790 by $2 without rebates.....

Narrowing it down its between the EVGA 780i vs the EVGA 780i FTW or the 790I TR if I can affowrd 8gb's of DDR3

Thank you,

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Not sure of the benefits, but I'd go 790i for the extra $10.
I also now need to see If I can afford the 8gb's of DDR3 into the build, if I can't should I get the 780i or the 780i FTW?

wow, thats 318 for 8gb's of ddr2 at 7 cas latency. I think 8 cas latency is way to much but I may be wrong
Why not go with the i7 or just wait for the i5.

I say this because the money that your putting into the Q9650 you could buy a i7 920.

And building an i7 computer still fits within your parameters of your budget.
If i were you, i would go with 780i ftw, nothing good about ddr3 that justifies price, however, i fail to see why both the 780is are the same price. I would get the ftw version, jsut because it seems to offer the same set for the same price, and it probly will get better support, and it has a cool name.
I will step up my motherboard in the future, right now I need a computer, and a 3.0ghz 45nm quadcore is more than enough for me right now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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