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Motherboard won't detect fans...

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I have an ASUS Maximus III Formula motherboard. I have 5 fans plugged into the motherboard on the 3 pin connectors. On speedfan and other applications they will not pick up the fans. Only the Precision tool will pick up the fan speed for my videocard, but not the temps. Speedfan also won't pick up the temps of my video card.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those fans just a turn on and off. They will just blow air. No controlling the speed unless you pump more juice into it. Which isn't recommended. You can use GPUz to find the temp of your card.
Well they are connected directly to the motherboard. Speedfan won't even detect the speed of my cpu fan. It may be a driver issue since none of the fans are being detected except for the gtx fan using precision tool.
Possibly. Go into safe mode, remove the driver and get the new ones.
Yea I was looking on their site and I am not sure which ones I need, there are like 50 drivers.

Ok.. So I really have no idea what I need to download/install.. Can anyone help?
Try downloading everest ultimate and see if it is working with that.
Heyyy. Everest does show all of my fans, even the psu fan. Any ideas why they dont show anywhere else?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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