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Mounting fans on case door + Adhesive removal!?

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I have a Coolermaster Cosmos 1000. I removed the insulating material from the case doors to prep for a mod I'm thinking about doing. Anyway, the insulative material was stuck with double sided adhesive stuck to the inside of the case door. I used goo-be-gone as best as I could to remove the adhesive"ness" of the tape but for the life of me cannot remove the tape itself.

Any ideas?

Secondly.. I'm thinking about mounting either one huge fan on the door, or several 120mm fans. There are some straight forward tutorials out there, but my only problem is having enough cables from my PSU. Could I use some type of molex adapter to split one cable to power four fans? or do you think that a high end modular PSU would have enough to support them?

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I would just sand the tape off with really coarse sandpaper. As far as molex connectors, a series of splitters would work but any high end power supply should have enough connectors. Personally i would go with splitters though.
Try Goof-Off

You could also try rubbing it vigorously and continually with your finger tip. This will often times remove stubborn sticky-things.

A recent-model PSU might have the required molex connectors, or you could get a splitter like This. Or maybe a "terminal" like This.
get one of those 3m scotchbrite pads and a bottle of cheapo rubbing alcohol (IA 70%), or use more of the stuff you already used, but with the abrasive pad.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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