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I can't stress enough about how much I love the black / white color scheme ever since I modded my xbox 360 controllerhttp://www.instructables.com/id/Xbox...ler-Color-Mod/ (I should really take new pictures, since this slide show I've added gloss, which looks great.)

Now i've done my mouse, Which came out great. I think I'm in love with glossy clear coat.


It's so shiny I can see my hand in it.

in case you guys are wondering, This is what the original mouse looked like.
EDIT: that's not my mouse, it's just the closest thing I could find to what it looked like before. mine was original a flat / satin (take your pick) finish. and doesn't have the side scrollers. I should really take a picture of another one in my house...

I also Modded the mouse wheel, so when I spin it, it has momentum, I can now scroll through all of my bookmarks in firefox to find the right one in a matter of the time it takes to flick the wheel down.

Next mod I'm going to do is my keyboard. How am I going to do that? Hmmm...

This was my first post. thanks for reading. :3


ok, i have a feeling i put this thread in the wrong place..

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Wow! Now you only have to ship that to me and you'll be done the mod...

This is in the right post seeing its a hardware mod.
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