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Mouse scroll troubles in Windows 7

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Hey guys,

since a few days my system is acting up with the mouse scroll settings. Whenever I reboot my computer it sets the scroll mode to "full page" instead of the "3 lines" default. I have to manually change it after every boot. Has anyone here experienced something similar before? Any idea what the culprit could be?

I'm using a Zowie FK, so no mouse drivers are used that could interfere. This problem also didn't start when I used the FK for the first time, only since this sunday. The only thing I did so far was unplug and plug it back in...

(this is a copy of my thread in the mouse section, Test User suggested it would be better asked around this subforum. I guess he's correct, so I'm hoping for more answers here. Original thread with some answers can be found here http://www.overclock.net/t/1418168/mouse-scroll-troubles/)
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