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MouseTester Software Reloaded

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MouseTester Software Reloaded

Microe made a small software for testing mice under MIT License, but stopped developing it at v1.2. I added many useful features, here it is.

Requires .NET 4.0 Full. Note that on Windows XP you will need to install this patch, too.

Key features

You can use this to detect / measure the following sensor defects:
  • data path limit
  • perfect control speed
  • pixel skipping
  • jitter
  • low speed inaccuracy
  • unstable polling rate
  • input lag
  • acceleration
Most important changes from v1.2:
  • Dual device mode with built-in supprort for measuring input lag
  • PNG export features: non-transparent, not only 800×600
  • Automatic saving of several settings
  • Hotkey for collecting
  • Sum vs. Time plot type, just like in MouseComparator
  • Frequency vs. Time plot type
Feature requests are always welcome.

Full changelog and instructions soon in posts below.

GitHub repository

MouseTester_v1.5.3.zip 153k .zip file


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Thanks for the contribution!

Software working here on 8.1 x64
Originally Posted by cuad View Post

Feature request: Speedometer.

A bunch of people here think they move their mouse 4 m/s in game, so the software should allow the user to measure how fast they actually move it during regular use.
Plot to xVelocity.
1 - 2 of 130 Posts
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