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I am thinking about changing from the thermal-take level 10 GT to a Custom case from Mountain Mods, for my next build.

The main reason I like this case is the large amount of 5.25" bays, in addition to the massive customization capabilities.
Pictured below:

I will be water cooling eventually but not at first (Money issues, the lack there of that is), my question is what is the best set up for intake/exhaust fans for proper air pressure and what not. This will be my first custom case so this is just another area I am new in.

The fans will include 3x120s and 1x140 in the back and 6x120s in the front. I want at least one intake radiator 3x120 (I think). As well as 3x120 in the back as an exhaust. My thought is double fanning the radiators, Where I am not sure what to do as the fans in front and in back are uneven 6 v 4, is should all 6 in front be intake, or should some be exhaust?
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