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Move Hd from one comp to another

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If i move my hard drive with windows xp installed on it to another computer, will the other system be able to run the harddrive and windows properly?
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The system should run. It will probably work OK.
XP will install drivers for the new computer. Any it can't find it will ask for.
It may ask for validation because of such a major hardware change.
actually it depends. I have moved an hdd from a ic7-max3 to a max2 advanced and i needed to reinstall windows. Going from an asus p4c800-e to an p4c800 and even the ic7-max3 again it worked!
I dont know if it depends on chipset or what but it may/may not work.
i dont think it will work with such a sudden and drastic hardware change.... i think you may have to just reinstall windows all together
daang, i hate windows...I just want to end up buying another copy
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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