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Moving lines with 4870X2 in FC2 - driver issue?

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When I tried altering the Contrast setting in the FC2 display menu yesterday strange lines (more like bars) started moving up and down the screen while in the menu or the game. Then, thinking it was the unfamiliar setting that caused it I set it back to 'default' settings.. Bars didn't go away.. In fact they seemed to change thickness and speed with each adjustment of the contrast control..

I restarted the game to no avail.. The only thing that eventually got rid of the lines at this point was turning on vSync. Of course I wasn't going to play a slide show so that wasn't problem solved for me.

Eventually I did get rid of them by actually playing around more with the contrast control. It's now sitting just a notch off from default position, where it doesn't cause any lines.

Please tell me this is driver related..

Thanks for any feedback.
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Do you have the latest driver updates/hotfixes for your card?
which driver does you have now ? and have you installed the hotfix ? I'm running my on the lastest driver + the hotfix, and i don't have any problem with my card.
I am using the 8.10 hotfix drivers.
Possible artifacts. They are the sign of your vram crapping up, or overheating.
i get small translucent lines across my monitor if i mess with the contrast too much. the thing that solved my problem was the monitor cable. on a 245bw, the vga cable is thin and gets lots of interference. i switched to dvi and the problem went away.

that might just be an inherent problem with my monitor though.

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Possible artifacts. They are the sign of your vram crapping up, or overheating.

Well I don't know if this means anything but upon booting up it always says 'checking nvram' just before windows loads. Could this be indicating anything?

And also I have only just replaced my monitor cable (VGA) with a good quality DVI cable.

Btw the lines are not appearing anymore now. I have been able to adjust the contrast back to default position.
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