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Moving Raid Array

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I have a Raid5 array currently. I just ordered two caviar blacks and am going to Raid0 and short stroke them for my OS. Evenualy im getting a 1tb drive to replace my Raid5 aray and use that as backup.
I have my hard drive currently in the first 3 slots on my mobo. Is it ok to move them and Put my new hard drives on the first two? It won't break the array or anything?
Also when I install the new OS should i disconnect the Raid5 array and then reconnect later and delete the OS partition on that?

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I wouldn't try it tbh, it should be fine but at work when working with raids there you can't move the drives or you'll mess the array up. It could be different with desktop arrays though. When you set up your new OS, take the array out then put it in after install, you'll probably need to install raid drivers but it'll just see the drives as a single volume.
Using Intels own on-board RAID it makes no difference as to which sata port they go in. The information for the RAID is stored on the drives themselves, bot the BIOS.

Your board is not Intel, but it should work just the same.

Just install the new HD's and then create the array. No need to remove the RAID 5 to install the OS, just make sure that you select the RAID 0 as your boot device in your BIOS.

I have moved ports on numerous boards and from one board to another with no effect, even going from ICHr7 8 and 9.
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I move array drives around all the time. As long as the ports are on the same controller, it doesn't matter what port they are in. I have no idea what ports they started out in, as I'm always plugging in different drives.

I have even moved them between systems with similar controllers (ICH9R - ICH10R) without issue..
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Perfect exactly what I wanted to hear.
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