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MS: Zune: 120gb Model Question

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There's room for application and games on my zune, would anyone know if there is a visualization program for the zune inside the zune? Like how winamp, wmp, and iTunes have their visual effects when playing songs, shouldn't the zune have it? (It's visually capeable it looks like).

I figured this would use more "battery" life, maybe even a bit more then basic video, but it'd be nice to have.

- Le_Loup
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I don't believe this exists... yet

Maybe if you could get alternate firmware... but the firmware is encrypted very well and I don't believe anyone has had any luck getting Zune Linux to work.
I figured with the simplicity of it having an applications section, I could technically run some fancy random generating video effects "application" while playing music in the background and voila. That's the theory, not a literal visualization hack...

Has anyone else run across this or any random concepts leading towards this that I should monitor for when it may potentially come out?

- Le_Loup
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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