Personal gaming card in excellent condition. The card has spent its entire life under water; Stock cooler was never used (no dust), so it looks great. Fresh Arctic Silver TIM was applied to the GPU, stock cooler and backplate reinstalled, it looks great, very clean. Never had any problems with this card, at all. Never did much OC with it. When I occasionally remembered to open Afterburner, I generally ran a very modest +25/+50 on the core/mem, just to feel like I did something. Oh and, I don't mine crypto I'm a simple gamer and PC enthusiast.

EKWB Vector RGB full cover block (nickle+plexi) is available if anyone wants that too (pics can be provided). If so, we can work it into the deal, it prob wouldn't add too much to the total cost.. because, well.. what else am I going to do with it lol

Original box and accessories included. This includes an MSI anti-sag bracket and some PSU power adapter thing.

Pricing: purely based on what 2080 Ti ebay auctions are finishing at right now. i.e. a well-worn Strix just sold for 675, a clean Founders Edition is currently at 720 with a few days left. The lowest priced non-auctions are listed in the mid-to-upper 700s.
Location/Shipping: Ships from Syracuse NY, likely via USPS. Shipping cost is dependent on speed and destination.
Payment: Paypal preferred for purchase/sale security of both parties. However, if that's a problem, perhaps something else can be arranged?
Reputation: been a member of this community for a very long time, have sold plenty of hardware over the years without any issue. Heatware (if that's still a thing) can be found HERE
Contact: DM me here, but also can DM me in discord if you're in the OCN discord server.