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i am the happy owner of a 3080TI Gaming X Trio since some days.

But what I realy wonder about is the placement of the thermal pads on some of the voltage supply parts...
Please have a look at my screens.

Red colored marking:
The pad on the inductors are not centered and they dont cover the hole surface of the inductor:

green colored marking:
here on the capacitor no pad is there at all...

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....but if i turn around the card, there is a pad on the row of the capacitors:

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When i look into the tunnel of the capacitors where the green arrow points to, i can see that only the half of row of the capacitors have pad:
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So what is this for a strange assembly ????
I mean ok, that the inductors are not covered completely i can understand because of the layout of the cooling ribs.
But that they seem have forgotten to but a pad on the whole row of capacitors blows my mind.

Can anybody please have a look on his/her 3080ti if there is the same bad assembly?

Many thanks in adavance.

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Putting pads on capacitors, especially cans, is superfluous. Chokes rarely need them either. Doubly so if they aren't even contacting a proper cooling plate.

As long as the VRAM and power stages are properly coupled to the cooler, the card is fine and it's not worth the hassle of messing with the rest.

Chances are the pads on the caps are for structural support/spacing/clearance as much as anything.
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