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MSI 5500 256meg.. how high have u seen?

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hey, i have an MSI geforce-fx 5500 256meg video card

it came stock as 270/290 and i've overclocked it to 300/450

i've seen 5200's and 5600's go to like 500/700 and are stable

i used coolbits to detect optimal settings and it said around 301/455

how high can i go with this card ?
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Go until you see artifacts(flashy things on screen) and make sure you have some kind of fan. that helps a lot
theres a fan built onto the heatsink

and i dont wanna do it myself yet i wanna know how high it can go
Go until you see artifacts you cant hurt your card b/c when you see artifacts just turn it down. Theres pretty much no way to hurt your card so see how high you can get. Every card is different
i'd imagine it'd be true in most cases but for some WILD reason i overclocked my 8500 pro, and for some reason i got to the threashhold where artifacts began to appear and the thing locked up. so i restarted it and it was artifacting even of the windows xp startup screen. this was when it was running at stock speeds w/ stock cooling. when windows started up it was a MESS, couldn't make anything out. then it locked completely and never started up again. i could have had a freak, or maybe ati tool messed w/ it a little too much... either way i'm back to an mx-440
I would be careful, esp with those programs that overclock it for you, I don't trust them anymore. Just do it yourself upping it by only 10mhz at a time and run 3dmark or something like it for awhile and check for irragularities. When you find one (or more) back it down a little and run a grapihically intensive program for awhile and make sure it's not doing it still. Like the guy above me said, aftermarket cooling is of great help. good luck and happy overclocking
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well ive tried putting my card to 320/485 and did the test with coolbits and it failed

i have it at 310/460 and it passed, havent gamed with it yet though

im kinda dissapointed though as i know people who have their 5200's at 300/500 with no problems...

mine came stock 270/290 and ive pushed it to 310/460 though so i really shouldnt complain :S
well i tested the video card by 3mhz increments and the MAX it can run at and pass the coolbits test is


i think i might turn down my ram a bit if i have it at 460 and the max is 463 :S
alright i have it at 310/451 now
Dont worry about your oc to much. With that card you wont get to much of a worthy gain anyway
lol shut up its a good card i play games perfectly

infact, im not even a gamer, i play Counterstrike source and that's it.. i get 70-120 FPS which is good for me
I have a ATI 9000 128MN pro. and mine is set to 330/280 (stable). you should set yours to something like 380/400
380/400 ?!

it wouldnt pass the test at 340/470 man

it passes at 333/463 as stated above, coolbits wont let u set settings that dont pass
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