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MSI 785GM E65 - what to expect?

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just got one of these - what kind of performance can i expect?

i know it has ACC, and hopefully it'll unlock my inbound X3 720 but apart from that? is it a good board?

(i only plan to run the chip at 3.2ghz or so, unlocked, if all goes well). and will it support Thuban / Bulldozer chips in most likelyhood?
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Yeah, current AMD7 series chipsets are supposed to support Thuban (6 core CPUs) with a BIOS update to Socket AM3+ (code name AM3r2)

Though, Bulldozer is still up in the air as far as it being on an existing socket or being a new socket.

Either way, the E65 is a decent board. The BIOS isn't great, and it lacks a CPU-NB Voltage option last time I saw (launch BIOS so that might have changed)

I can say it's biggest flaws are
-No CPU-NB Voltage Option
-Issues with high HT Clocks (above 250mhz on a CPU that does 285 easy)
-Only 4 SATA ports
Biggest Pro's though
-Nice PCI layout
-Right Angle SATA ports
-VRM/MOSFET cooling
-Secure NB cooler

Many 785G boards came with a loose NB heatsink IMO as they used plastic pins, but the MSI board was the one I got to review that didn't have a loose heatsink.
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