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Hey guys,

I just put together a new system, and I'm having trouble with MSI AB. It is not recognizing my GPU while all other software is. I prefer to use MSI AB as I have had trouble in the past with Precision controlling my fan speeds properly.

This is what I see with MSI AB.

But NVCP and Precision X don't have any problems, and Precision is functional.

This is on the 6600K system in my sig, so detailed specs are there. I'll list the most relevant ones.

Mobo: Asus Maximus VIII Gene
PSU: EVGA 750 P2
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
NV Driver Version: 365.19 and have tried 361.91

This is a completely fresh install as it is a new system with the exception of the GPU, the sound card, and a 1 TB 850 Pro for storage. I have reinstalled Windows a couple different times trying to resolve this issue. Last time I left the internet disconnected and installed the video driver first followed by MSI AB to make sure there was absolutely no chance other software or background activity due to internet connection was conflicting. I have also removed and reseated the GPU a couple times, although with everything else recognizing it I can't imagine that is an issue.

I am out of ideas and need some help. I've searched forums and not found much other than suggestions to uninstall and reinstall the utility and video drivers which has been done several times with a couple different driver versions. Anyone have any other suggestions as to what could be causing the issue?
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