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I recently purchased a MSI B150 mortar motherboard for use with a i3 6100 CPU and 8gb of HyperX fury RAM. I am using the onboard graphics.

I tried to install windows 7 and had no end of troubles doing it due to the USB controller driver but eventually I got it going and installed all updates etc including the intel hd graphics driver. Bizarrely windows explorer would crash every now and then and also the windows experience wouldn't would crash when it was trying to run. I figured there was something wrong but will deal with in time or just get Windows 10.

However......today the system crashed/froze and I had to do a hard restart. Upon restarting i tried to go into and safe mode which gave me the BSOD and then after the next restart it didn't even get as far as getting to safe mode.

I then unplugged all drives apart from the SSD for booting and tried again - it froze trying to get into the BIOS.

I then unplugged the SSD and it still wouldn't get into the BIOS.

Then I unplugged one stick of RAM and it still didn't work.

Then upon restarting the screen wasn't coming on and I noticed the red led on for the VGA. At this point I am guessing it is a mobo/cpu failure?

Anyone got any ideas?

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