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I'm planning to get this notebook. Specifically the GE60-ONC model with an i5. I have a few questions:

1. If I put the msata ssd right away with no OS installed will it be immediately recognizable as soon as you install the OS?
2. Does its GPU throttle down to 2D clocks when not in use? I had problems with laptops overheating before and I'm pretty picky about comfort and thermals.
3. Lastly, is there a revision of this laptop anytime soon? Planning to get it this month or the next and I don't want a laptop which is revised after a month of buying it.

Will primarily be using it for college, watching movies, and some SC2 and CSGO from time to time..

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As far as I know, the mSATA SSD might need to be configured in the BIOS as the primary drive, but that's not a problem really. The GPU always goes into power-saving mode and downclocks considerably when not under load and, as for the revision, I'm not sure.

What's your budget exactly? I might be able to find you a better deal that'll better future-proof you.
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