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SOLD (03/01/2013)

I'm selling my MSI GTX 560ti video card, as a result of me receiving my brand new Gigabyte Windforce Radeon 7950 today. It is the 384-core model, not the 448.

There is nothing wrong with it, works flawlessly. I never overclocked it past the factory overclocks. It runs cool (low-60s with fan at ~80%), and has never given me any problems. I have not taken the cooler off or anything else of the sort, so it still has the stock TIM on it. The box that the card came in, however, is at my girlfriend's house 5+ hours away, so it will not come with any of the accessories that I received it with. If it is a problem, let me know and I can try to work something out to get them to you.

The price of $135 USD covers shipping to the Continental US. IF you want it shipped to Canada or Hawaii/Alaska, if you cover the shipping difference (meaning the first $8 or whatever it costs to ship in the states, I'll cover) then I have no problems sending it to you.

Newegg link to the card for a detailed description:
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