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I have the Asus m4a79 deluxe:


I want to upgrade my current video card into SLI since I am running dual monitors and do allot of gaming. What would I need to do in order to achieve SLI with my current motherboard, I looked around and noticed it supports crossfire but not SLI(I did read the sticky on how to sli non sli compatible mothersboards). Someone did put the 9800s in SLI on this motherboard with the fix, is there any negatives with using this fix such as decreased in performance. Since it is a ddr2 platform should I just dish out the cash and update? I am really happy with this motherboard, its easy to overclock with and has been really reliable thus far, so I really prefer to stay with it, if it comes down to it

This is the card I am looking to upgrade into SLI with:


Thank you
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