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MSI K7N2 Delta2-LSR a good OC MB?

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Is the MSI K7N2 Delta2-LSR a good overclocking board? Does anyone know if it has the good stuff, like tweakable mem voltage, changeable CPU multipliers(with a XP-M), locked pci/agp dividers, ect... I need to get an sk.A OC Mobo like NOW before they get too hard to find, or I die from a PC performance deficiency

AN7's, NF7's, and A7N8X's are just too rare and expensive right now. (might as well go A64)
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I HAVE THE k7n2 DELTA 2 fsr

my barton 3200 is running at 2.56 ghz stable and cool

What's the difference between the fsr and the lsr?

And what FSB/RAM speed and mem timings are u running on that?
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Here is one of 3 of the best socket A motherboards. If you are looking for OC'ing abilities for an XP-M CPU, I would go with this.
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Ah yes... that's a good one. Probably second only to the NF7-S2. But I already bought the MSI a couple weeks ago on ebay, so its too late.

But I'm pretty happy with the MSI anyway...

My cpu seems to only want to go to about 2300 anyway.
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Cool, MSI is nice also. It's good that you got a socket A motherboard before they are gone.
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