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MSI K8N Neo2 Plat - what socket?

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So a friend of mine is giving me this motherboard because he believes it to be faulty (his system was crashing a bunch when he was using it and he thinks it was the motherboard). I think otherwise, and I have a socket 754 Sempron CPU sitting around... so I figure I'll take it off his hands, see if it'll work and make it a computer for my mom.

Thing is... when I research this board on MSI's site and in other places, it comes up as a 939 board. I know for a fact though, my friend was using a Socket 754 Athlon64 3400+ CPU in it (and still is in a different board). Was there different versions of this board for each socket or something? I don't have the name of the board wrong either, I had him check the box for me just now.

Any ideas?
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Yeah I just looked around to and it is a 939. Maybe your friend was using a 939 3400+? (Do they even make those?)
I don't think so. I think they went 3000+, 3200+, 3500+, 3700+, etc.

I also remember the board having really bad temp issues with the north bridge (apparently the cooler sucked) and the RAM frequencies were always wrong. He was running DDR400 in it, and it kept running at 133mhz. Is this is a common problem with this board, or maybe a sign the board really does have a nut loose or something?
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