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4gb ddr2
Gpu:intel GMA...OR gt 630 1gb ddr5 in few more days

I guys i know know this is rather or seems uninsterestin to u guys coz i''m gonna ask abt an old hardware bt it still applies to motherboard.

The story:i have an intel MSI g31/p31 (http://www.msi.com/product/mb/G31TM-P31.html)

Ok like every other LGA 775 mobo...it have south bridge/mobo heatsink located near the cpu heatsink.

It have a tdp of 17w and no cooling or heat problem or whatever......That is because the cpu heatsink is stoc intel cooler.That
cooler is a flower-shaped cooler.So,when the fan kicks-in some of air were blown to mobo heatsink and making it cooler.


The problem is nw i'm using Hyper 212 evo....radiator-designed cooler.no airflow towards mobo heatsink

The mobo-heatsink is getting a lot higher temperature when cpu is under load or playing games(like counter strike).
But wat makes me to ignore tat is when i install the graphic card..the mobo integrated/IGP will be disable or at least not working and it 'll be cooler.

BUT this document make me worried:

Does installing graphic card increase the temperature futher or should i dedicate a small fan for too????

sorry for clumsy and long post but pls do help.....the hetsink of mobo is actually hot even for my touch(too bad rite)

.Pls read all and help me!!!!!
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