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Hey guys got a tricky problem here.

I assembled a computer for a friend, Msi mpower motherboard, seasonic x550 watt psu etc. I had it up and running fine at my place, had windows installed even ran 3dmark to give it a test. We moved it back to his place and got it running fine. Later on in the night he claims it just turned off and then back on. The next day he says he just touched the case and it turned off and attempted to reboot, however it just went on like this in a endless cycle.

He had to go to work so it was left off at the wall for about 7 hours, i come round to test it out and i just turned it on and it was fine, however i then touched the case it turned off. However now i cant get it working again. If i hold down the power button on the board it will turn on but as soon as i take my finger off it turns off.

Any ideas?

FIXED! 24pin wasnt in correctly...
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