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hi, i havnt been on these forums in a while but im going to be more active. but i WANT to overclock my 3000+ winnie. my goal is 2.3 stable with low temps.
so to the questions...
i got some money for my b-day and i was wondering if the big typhoon would fit on my msi neo2 plat.? i heard somewhere that it would fit by i wasnt sure.
and im need a new ps, i only have 18 amp on my +12 rail atm
so i was thinking of getting the Antec TRUEPOWERII 550 watt ps.
if u have any suggestion's for other coolers or ps plz help.

and i am gettin arctic silver 5 which is must

thanks for the help in advance.

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The TPII 500 is a very good PS.
You could try Advanced Search in the "AMD" amd/or "AMD Cooling" section for your MB and see if you can find someothe with your MB and that FHS!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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